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The Basic Ice Climbing Seminar (BICS) is designed as an introduction to ice climbing in top-rope settings. In one evening and one field day on ice, BICS will introduce novice or experienced rock climbers to the basics of ice climbing, and teach them to safely enjoy the sport in top-rope settings. The course focuses on equipment, safety, and technique.

BICS is a partial prerequisite for Technical Ice Climbing School. And BICS is a partial requirement for completion of the Intermediate Mountaineering certificate.

Prerequisite is Introduction to Climbing or equivalent. BRCS (Basic Rock Climbing Seminar) is recommended. You need to be competent in basic climbing safety systems, including belaying, communication, tying-in, etc.

BICS does not teach you how to build anchors. These skills are taught in our Anchors Seminar.

BICS does not teach avalanche awareness or avalanche safety. These topics are covered in the CMC's Avalanche Awareness School and in the AIARE Level 1 class.

If you are interested in learning to lead on ice, and are an experienced trad leader, consider the Technical Ice Climbing School